How to add Price exceptions?

You have a period or day in which the prices differs from normal and you want to add them? Follow the screenshots below to discover how!

1.Step - Choose the ticket and click on edit.



2.Step - Click on the “Pricing”.


3.Step - Add exclusion.


4.Step - Choose what goes with your demand and click on the button then enter the dates.


5.Step - Enter the new prices for this specific date you want.

ex5 hedhi le

Volià the price exception is added successfully🔥


  • How many price exceptions can be added in maximum?

    You can add as many as you like!

  • Can I choose a repetitive day?

    Yes, for that feature you have to choose specific weekdays.

  • Can I delete the price exception after a while?

    Yes, of course you have all the freedom in this feature.

Is there something still missing?

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