How to create mandatory upsells?

Are you looking for a way to increase your income?

ticketbro is always putting for your interest frist and working for you, that’s why we present upsells for you and the best part is you can make them mandatory. How to do it? Easy! Follow the steps!

1.Step- Choose the Ticket you need and Click on ‘Edit’.


2.Step- Click on upsells.


3.Step - Enable the upesll you need and click on ‘Mandatory upsells’.


4.Step- Activate the mandatory upsell of your choice.


Volià the mandatory upsell is added to your ticket 🔥


  • Can I add more than one mandatory upsell ?

    Yes! You can add an infinite amount of mandatory upsells

  • Will the mandatory upsell show on the ticket of the customer?

    Yes, the mandatory upsell will be shown on the ticket.

  • Can I deactivate mandatory upsells in case of stock problems?

    Yes, of course ticketbro will never let you down, so mandatory upsells can be activated/deactivated anytime.

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