How to create resources ?

You want your venue to be more detailed and give your customers a detailed overview about your service ? That’s why we provide you with resources! You don’t know how to add them? No problem! Follow the screenshots below!

1.Step - Click on "Ressources".

Res 1

2.Step - Click on ‘+’.


3.Step - Fill the needed information and click on save.


4.Step - Activate the new resource for all your tickets and save.


Voilà, the resource is added to your ticket 🔥


  • Can I add more than one resource ?

    Yes! You can add an infinite number of resources

  • Will the resource show on the ticket of the customer?

    Yes, the resource will be shown on the ticket.

  • Can I deactivate resources in case of stock problems?

    Yes, of course ticketbro will never let you down so resources can be activated/deactivated.


Is there something still missing?

Don't worry, just write us a comment or an e-mail to and we will add the desired instructions as soon as possible. ✌️