How to define the minimum gap between order time and visiting date.

You can define a gap between order time and visiting date! Want to know how? Follow the video below to discover how!

Some tickets need a lot of preparation. So to make sure you’re never stressed out or overworked, ticketbro provides you the special “gap between order time and visiting date” feature which allows you to work comfortable with no stress.

This feature allows you the minimum selected number of days between day the customer orders and the day he visits the venue.

Please note:

  • The number of selected days depends on your personal choice.
  • This feature is optional and not required.



Volià the needed period is defined. Easy, right!


  • Can I change the period again or is it permanent?

    Sure you just need to change the number of days!

  • Can I set for each ticket a different period?

    Yes this feature is done seperately with every ticket.

  • How will it be visible for the customer?

    This feature will update your availibility and it will be shown on your calendar.

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