How to enter the alternative meeting point.

The meeting point for your ticket is in a different location than the venue’s address and you want to add it to your ticket? Follow the video below to discover how!

If the ticket you are offering is not in the address of the venue and you need to add a meeting point to your ticket so your customers won’t get confused than this feature is for you!

For example if you are a tour guide and each time you need to meet your customers in a different place then you just need to add a specific meeting point to each ticket!

Please note:

  • This feature is optional not required.
  • the writing field is not designed only to write an address you can also enter additional informations about the meeting point.



Volià the meeting point is added. Easy, right!🔥


  • Can I add a different meeting point to each one of my tickets?

    This feature is added per ticket so if your tickets have different meeting points then you need to add it separately if not you can just rewrite it in each ticket!

  • Where can the customer find the meeting point**?**

    The meeting point will be visible on the ticket.

  • Can I change the place again or is it permanent?

    Sure you have all the freedom with this feature you just need to redo the process and change the place.

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