How to find the ‘Payment Method Distribution‘?

Payment method distribution is a representation of type of payments you received from your orders and their percentages! You don’t know where to find it? Check out the screenshots below

1.Step - Go to Menu and click on analytics.


2.Step - Scroll down and you’ll find it.


Volià Super easy to find right!🔥


  • I accept Paypal payment too, but it is not visible in the payment method distribution why?

    That is normal when you don’t receive any payments through PayPal it won’t show in your analytics!

  • How do I know to which time the analytics correspond?

    You need to check up and you will in the time range the date which corresponds to your analytics.

  • How long will it take for the diagram to update?

    The update will be instantly.

Is there something still missing?

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