How to track the payment method?

You want to know what type of payment method your customer used? Follow the screenshots below to discover how!

1.Step - Go to Menu and click on “Orders”.


2.Step - Click on the order you choose and you will find the payment method as indicated.


Volià you found the payment method easy right!🔥


  • In case if the customer pays in cash will the amount exist in my balance in the app?

    Of course, to guarantee you a better experience you will find everything in your balance!

  • What type of payment methods there are?

        ticketbro offers several payment methods as credit cards, PayPal,Klarna Giropay, Maestro and cash        

  • Can I unable cash payments?

    Yes, you have all the freedom in the world.


Is there something still missing?

Don't worry, just write us a comment or an e-mail to and we will add the desired instructions as soon as possible. ✌️