How to use the print function in calendar?

You need an overview about the most important information of your selected tickets but you have no idea how to do it? Follow the screenshots below to discover how!

1.Step - Go to Menu and click on “Show calendar”.


2.Step - Click on the printing sign.


3.Step - Fill the needed informations then click on “send pdf”.


Please note:

  • Working document is an overview of the most important information of the selected tickets.
  • Overview can be based for further internal processes.

Volià the informations are sent successfully🔥


  • How many papers can I print in maximum?

    You can print as many as you wish!

  • Can I send it to several emails?

    Sure you can, but you need to do it each separately.

  • Can I have an overview before printing?

    Yes, of course you just need to click on overview before sending.

Is there something still missing?

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