What “mgp ticketbro” means?

You check your bank statement and you find a deduction from “mgp ticketbro” and you’re confused about it? No worries we will gladly explain it to you!

Mgp stands for ‘Mangopay’ when you book a ticket through ticketbro the money deduction from your account will be not under the name of the venue you booked from, but under “mgp ticketbro”!

Here is an example:



So in case you’re worried about an unknown transaction on your bank statement at the end of the month, please quickly recap your whole activities during the past month. We bet you visited one of our venues and ordered your tickets online through ticketbro.


  • Can I make a payment directly to the venue?

    No, manual transaction is not an included method of payment!

  • If I choose to pay for example with Klarna will it be the same?

    Yes! the deduction will be under “mgp ticketbro” with any payment method except cash and PayPal.

  • What if there was some problems with the payment who to contact?

    You can always contact the venues customer support.

Is there something still missing?

Don't worry, just write us a comment or an e-mail to lou@ticketbro.io and we will add the desired instructions as soon as possible. ✌️